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About The Author

Ildiko Almasi Simsic is a distinguished social development specialist with a rich history of 15 years in the realm of development finance. Her expertise spans a multitude of sectors, including mining, agriculture, renewables, oil and gas, energy (generation and transmission), water, transportation, and financial intermediaries. Ildiko's global impact is evident through her work on diverse projects across 5 continents, all underpinned by a strong commitment to social safeguarding. Her multidimensional background encompasses labor and supply chain management, involuntary resettlement, livelihood restoration, and environmental and social management system assessment. Through her extensive experience working with the world’s largest development finance institutions, Ildiko brings an interesting angle to social development as we currently understand it.


In 2023, Ildiko published a ‘Resettlement legislation database’ on her website—an invaluable collection of national legislation governing expropriation, land acquisition, and livelihood impacts for projects involving involuntary resettlement (IFC PS 5).


A member of the International Association for Impact Assessment, she is deeply committed to advancing responsible social practices and elevating social impact standards globally.

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